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Popular Topics Include:

  • The Power of Persuasion: What Do Cults, Terrorists, and Marketing Professionals Have In Common?
  • When Theology Turns to Hate: Understanding the historical roots of Anti-Semitism.
  • Inspired Living: Capturing Jewish Outlier Moments & Recognizing Divine Providence
  • A Rabbi Cross Examines Christianity
  • Jewish Spirituality and Personal Growth
  • Why the Jews Rejected the Christian Messiah
  • Finding God in Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Let's Talk Israel and BDS: A deep dive into the Millennial mind.
  • Kabbalah and the Red String
  • Back to The Future: Can a Medieval Religious Debate Be Relevant Today?
  • The Real Messiah: Why The Jews Rejected The Christian Messiah
  • The Domino Effect: Judaism, Christianity & The Parting of Ways
  • Is Religion Killing Judaism?

Our Speakers

Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz

Founder of Jews For Judaism, Rabbi Kravitz loves supporting those bombarded with anti-Jewish messaging while still building strong relationships.. Learn more about his specialized topics here.

Rabbi Zalman Kravitz

SMARTalks Director, Rabbi Kravitz is a world-renowned thought leader in the Jewish community that inspires and lifts.. Learn more about his specialized topics here.

Sample Program

Chabad in Orlando Presents: Why The Jewish People Rejected The Christian Messiah. An analysis of the Biblical sources and an exploration into the Jewish view of this fascinating topic with Rabbi Zalman Kravitz

Why Have the Jewish people rejected the Christian Messiah for 2000 years? We have been killed, expelled and treated as second class citizens over the centuries by the Inquisition, the Crusaders and many others while we stubbornly held on to our Torah, why didn't we convert and live happily with our neighbors?

Today, in the free world, where thank G-d Jews are well integrated in to every facet of society we no longer face the choice our ancestors were forced to face - the sword or the Cross. However, almost every American Jews has encountered a friend, co-worker or neighbor who at some point has approached them with a statement or question like "I wish you would"

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